TA Planning Session: Flexibility and the Curriculum Monster

Their eyes are upon you. Wants, hopes, wishes and dreams have all been laid at your feet, on your lap, and upon your head.  You’ve brought your bag of tricks, both literally and mentally…and you feel the weight of saying just the right thing that will get everyone excited.

There’s a kind of hush (all over the world?) as you pull ideas out to meet the needs and expectations. You look around the table. This one nods and smiles, that one is cautious but open, one other MIGHT need more convincing…and the principal looks to the others reactions as well as their own, weighing the words, the verbal proposal, that this has merit and  justifies bringing this TA back for a second year.

They’re happy! Halloo Hallay! You’ve taken your art, squeezed this here and there, flopped things around or upside down (or both), and met the demands of the curriculum while still staying true to your concepts. A curve ball thrown was caught, diverted, and remade into a new idea along old lines. It works. Time to rejoice and open up the bubbly.

You’re happy. Now the work begins for new research to support the new path your planning session took you. Repeat to yourself: it’s good to challenge yourself and try new things. Really good to do that. Don’t be complacent. Don’t be a drone. Explore. Express. Excite.

Your work really will soon begin. Time for the students, soon enough.

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