Association of Teaching Artists

First, I am really grateful that Dale Davis has posted a link to this new blog.  Thank you Dale and ATA!

I’ve been a teaching artist since the mid-90’s, and there are so many things I’ve observed, experienced, and heard from others…and it’s taken way too long for TA’s to really take a stand together. We still have a long way to go, and I really support all efforts to  legitimize our profession and add things we really need: support in health benefits, resources, platforms of educational sharing and more.

On our end, we really need to pay attention to the curriculum standards and needs of the grades we work with for both our classroom and performances. We should make partnerships of our schools and the teachers we work with, not just look at them as a means to do our art and get paid for it. Some of you, rightly so, will say “of course I already do!”, but we all know or have known too many who don’t, or haven’t. Take it as an observation and not an attack.

So you understand my concern, I’ve been a TA, Performance Artist, Classroom Teacher (NYC DOE), and Arts Administrator (my own theater company,The NYC DOE’s Office of Arts & Special Projects, Board member of the NYC EDtA Thespian Society, and now starting an affiliation as a committee member for a new arts charter school with being considered for their board). I have seen, from all angles, the disconnect that goes on in language, goals and teaching methods from all three view points. Most of us easily succeed in bridging these gaps: we’ve been in the game long enough. What about the newbies?

Who Mentors the Newbies? (Alan Moore: squeal to “The Watchmen”?) this and other Teaching Artist orgs. It’ll help us in this new hard landscape of making a living. Thanks.

From the ATA blog site:

ATA will be convening the first national Teaching Artists’ Congress in New York City on April 16. Save the date! Eric Booth, Richard Kessler, and Nick Rabkin will be joining us. More will be forthcoming soon. For information:

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