Arts Education: Vital or Not?

“The Arts can no longer be treated as a frill. Arts education is essential to stimulating the creativity and innovation that will prove critical for young Americans competing in a global economy.”
~Arne Duncan, US Sect. of Education, April 9, 2010

So…and, while I agree with the statement wholeheartedly, why are the arts one of the first things to get cut? This happened often even before the recession (we are still in) and is not anything new. Albert Einstein said, and it’s one of my favorite quote from him:

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge.”

Where will out next set of arts leaders and truly innovative come from if the schools don’t acknowledge the Arts as essential? Yes, there will always be the gifted savants who seem to have it from the second they pick up a musical instrument, a brush, or move to a beat, but how many will not find their muse because they don’t have the basics instilled in them in a place they spend a lot of waking time: school.

In my opinion, there is one way: Teaching Artists & Arts Educators should think about becoming certified teachers, and achieving dual certification in uppers school core curricula as well as their own discipline. In this job market, and with cuts coming left and right, dual certifications  makes sense to have more than our art to hold onto.

Again, I always appreciate any comments. Other thoughts on how to make the arts viable to the admin AND parents?



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