Support Other Artists

I find myself saying that a lot lately (support other artists). I find that with everything going on, if everyone in the arts supports one another (and I mean events, museums, artists in and out of your discipline) and sticks together, more things might happen. I have found some who embrace and protect their “territory” with the fierceness of, well, any animal that would tear your throat out before sharing space with you. Thankfully, they are few and far between. Yes, we are competing for the same few rupees out there now, but I kind of hope that we can get past that, work our hardest to not be the cutthroat type and rally around each other. I’ve been called naive and too much of a dreamer before, many times, so..neener neener. Would rather feel this way then be the “who can I stab in the back to get what I want” type.


A Night of Women Writers is being led by someone I’ve quickly and deeply come to admire: Katie Issel Pitre. She and her friend Erin Rachel organized,  and are hosting and telling stories at this event. For more info, go to Vaudeville Park in the fair borough of Brooklyn on Friday, March 18th. Besides the five featured women writers, there’s also an open mic. Celebrating the strength of the female voice, the stories that come from deep insides, makes this an evening to be at.  Support support support.

Sadly, for THAT night, I’ll be at another event: Bronx Stories at the Bronx Museum, which I had committed to previously.  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with two  women (Hannie & Bridget, take a bow) who are trying to inspire a renaissance of The Bronx.  Hey…this is the only borough that’s called THE anything, and where else can you boast about Yankee Stadium (sorry Mets fans..boast about Queens) AND have a main stretch of road, The Grand Concourse, fashioned after avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris? No where else. THE Bronx.  This event takes place from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, and yes, Virginia, there will be an open mic here as well.

So… I’ll say it again: support the arts. Gather up some friends, and try something new.

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