Imagination and the Yeah, But…

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

~Albert Einstein~

I’ve been inundated of late with a variety of creative projects (finally). Most of them revolve around Education, whether in the classroom or on stage. For me, this is a good thing. It keeps me mentally and creatively on my toes.  It feeds my drive for arts in education, arts advocacy.  For me, this opens up so many things, allows change and new ideas to flow, and lets me imagine a lot more “what if we can do…”…

Until I hear the “yeah, but…”, which stops me dead in my tracks. Yeah, but: “It’s always been that one will change”. Yeah, but “You can’t do that financially.” Yeah, but “I only want to do it my way.”

I love Einstein for his quotes as much for what he gave to the world of science.  When someone says the Arts don’t teach anything, I look upon what he has said, and what he accomplished, by freeing himself from the constraints of the “Yeah, But” minds. He was also a musician, and I just read an article where Mikey Hart (from The Grateful Dead)  mentioned that Einstein said if he hadn’t been a scientist, then he would have liked to be a professional musician.

The “yeah, but” people can be too pragmatic, too afraid of taking risks in some areas, and can halt change. Realize I am not saying always, but “can”.  I’d rather always give an idea a try. Not trying, to me, is failure. The idea might flop, it could have been a stronger idea, but… well, until you try, you can only speculate.

I’d rather speculate with a “Yes and” (old improv adage) then live my life in the “yeah but” lane.

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