What kind of Zombie am I? (Ultimate Blog Challenge #5)

I do not really follow the pack. Been criticized for that a lot over the years. I’m not a great player of organizational politics, and that’s bit me on the tush a number of times over the years. But, having tried many times to “fit in”, to not be so “out there,” to CONFORM TO THE NORM.. well, those are the times I’ve not been all too happy or content.

What about you? Do you follow the party line in whatever you do? Do you do what is expected, sometimes demanded, in place of what you think you ought to do? Why is it so important to cede to what becomes an obligation more than a passion, of doing what you feel is more right for you?

A lot of times, things that are done make little to no sense. You know it, and I know it. Yet, often people stick up for it OR say “well, that’s the way we’ve always done it”, or “Well, that’s _________ for you!” and shrug their shoulders, accepting the inanity as fixed and unrepairable, and just living with it. “You can’t fight City Hall” mentality. This, to me, is the Zombie life many of us lead.

So…I’m not a very good Zombie. What type of Zombie are you?

There are full blown, brain & guts & soul eating, non-thinking Zombies, blindly just walking in any which direction the smell blows the strongest. Or sound. Some Zombies just follow the loudest sound, no matter what it is or says or means. It’s big…must be good.

There are the mid-range Zombies, the  newly turned, not really sure if they should consume what is in front of them with no thought or maybe a smidgen of “hmm..this can’t be right. Why am I enjoying eating my neighbor’s brains?” kind.Yet, they continue eating their way through the neighborhood.

Then there are the Zombie Runner Awayers. They don’t stand and fight, thinking it’s all over and done with. All they can do is run, escape, preserve what they can without any resistance, or standing for what they truly believe. That they have the right to exist freely, without the persecution and ridicule of being devoured and denied their inalienable rights.

Again, I ask you: What type are you?


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Justice Calo Reign
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 23:50:13

    Stuart… this takes me back to my childhood, and getting in trouble for not listening to the errant instructions of my sister, and getting in trouble anyway because my step-father said it was more important for me to follow authority than to do the right thing. It STILL puzzles me to this day what he was trying to teach me. I’ve never been a good zombie, and if I would classify myself as anything I would classify myself as the person who goes up to them and tells them… Hey Zombie… if you want to .. you can live again… It’s all up to you and whether or not you make the choice to get in touch with your power, your strengths and that Champion Energy inside of you.. Thanks for the post.. please stop by my blog.. http://strengthplay.com



  2. Teri
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 00:52:47

    Ponder ponder ponder. I think I am not a zombie but I need to check with everyone else first. This is great thinking material. Sometimes I found I was zombie while working in the corporate world, it’s the best way to get through the day. But I was known to stand up and speak my mind and fight for other people that were being mistreated or unrewarded. I can easily and wholeheartedly fight the big fight for anyone else, it’s fighting it for me that I need to work on.


  3. Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 01:46:13

    Fun read – good material for pondering. Me? Living outside the box, coloring outside the lines, etc. for 70+ years. I’ve tried “real world jobs” and even managed a few degrees, but rigid structure and I do not mix well….



  4. Jeremy S.
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 04:07:24

    When I was maybe 12 years old, we did a skit in school reenacting “The Emperor Has No Clothes”. We all drew names out of a hat to see what character we would get to be. Every kid in the class wanted to be the little boy who blurted out the truth about the emperor having no clothes. I thought to myself, “I AM that boy”, stuck my hand in the hat, and pulled out a slip pf paper that had “boy” written on it.

    i.e., I am a lousy zombie.


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