A Day at the Races (Ultimate Blog Challenge #9)

Ultimate Blog Challenge

I live near a racetrack which has recently added a casino onto it, but I’m really not a gambler. Yes, I play Megamillions and Powerball here and there, in the hopes that we all share: someone wins, why not me? But racetrack gambling, and all the other assorted things out there… not so much of a draw. The few times I do go to a casino, it’s with a set amount of money I’m willing to lose, and never alone. It’s more fun to go with a friend and cheer each other on. Or commiserate with. I also felt that if it was true that a percentage of money went to State Education, well, then..I’m doing my donating part!

So… not setting up any higher moral ground here;  it’s just that I was recently at the Racetrack/Casino with my friend Sam, and I thought I’d share what happened.

Did I mention yet that electronics and I are not the best of friends? My son,  Adam, would always be very very scared if I even looked at one of his electronic thingamajigs, let alone touch/use one. He knew I stopped watches just by wearing them, that my computers all tried to commit suicide,  often, in quite imaginative ways, that invariably something electronic would go wonky if I was around it long enough. Energy Vampire? Wacked out aura grid that frizzles the workings of the frazzamacallit? Who knows, except..electronics and I? Not the best of buds. Casinos and Electronic Games of “chance”. Guess you can figure out already where this is going.

Sam came down to hang out, watched my performances for the Hans Christian Andersen Celebration (w/videos) and we decided, later in the evening, to go to the Racetrack. Neither of us had been there in years. We went. It was mobbed (pun intended) as it should be on a Saturday night. We walked around-well, got shoved around-played a game here and there, walked around… And then we sat for a short while at one bank of slot machines. We played, joked around, lost our money (not a lot, don’t worry), and got up, having had enough. We went outside to watch one of the horse races, came back in…

All the machines were down. The power for the MACHINES only went on the fritz. In the space of one trotter race, all gambling in the casino crashed to a complete standstill. People were angry, lost, distracted, bemused, impatient, and..more. Fearing my deadly powers were in force, I quickly made my way out before someone pointed the finger at me. “ENERGY VAMPIRE!!” They’d yell as they would  chase me with vouchers and plastic cups of watered down drinks.  If caught, they’d demand their pound of flesh.

I fled. Sam laughed.


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 19:24:32

    Jeez Stu, you took out a whole casino? Respect! OTOH, it was a sad day (I think) when the good old one-armed bandits were replaced by those newfangled digital machines. Mebbe y’all done a good thang.


  2. Sweepy Jean
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 16:06:10

    Hilarious! :p


  3. bornstoryteller
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 16:15:56



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