and then, you act: (Ultimate Blog Challenge #17)

Ultimate Blog Challenge
A to Z Blog Challenge: Tale Spinning

You cannot expect other people to create meaning for you. You cannot wait for someone else to define your life. You make meaning by forging it with your hands. It requires sweat and commitment. Working toward the creation of meaning is the point. it is action that forges the meaning and the significance of a life.  ~ anne  bogart~

and then, you act: making art in an unpredictable world

I first found out about Anne Bogart & her company SITI at NYU. Not much, but we did discuss her at one time or the other. Didn’t make an impact on me…then. THEN I read A Director Prepares: Seven Essays on Art and Theatre, found the book mentioned above, and then The Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition.

I am a full fledged Anne Bogart fan. It was the above quote from and then, you act (pg. 2, Introduction) that cemented that for me. I had really enjoyed reading A Director Prepares, felt I got a lot of very useful and thought provoking material out of the book, so I was very happy to stumble upon and then…

The paragraph stopped me from reading any further, that first time. Reading it over and over, it hit me at at time where I was in another one of my states of flux. This statement of hers cemented a great deal of what I’ve been inspired to work on for the last five years, and it still inspires me to do so. Collaborative theater, creation not just from one point of view but from the whole. Not saying no to an idea, but embracing each one, trying it out, seeing what fits, what needs to be altered, what can lead to new thoughts, and then moving to the next point as it continues on it’s process of creation. Heaven.

I get bored easily. I’m not one to do the same play umpteen millions of times, especially when I have to be 100% faithful to the playwright’s words. It’s just not me, although I’ve done it plenty of times, from six years old to a few years ago. I’d rather be a part of the exploration, the findings, the discoveries. I’d rather do it with a group of dedicated like minds and spirits. That is what The Brothers Grinn was for me, in the first half of our twelve year existence.  

Beyond theater, that paragraph says so much, too, about anyone’s life.  It’s just not embraced enough by enough people. REALLY read that paragraph again and again..and apply it to your life, theater wise or not.

and then…how will YOU act?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:51:50

    Nice post and you are right similar to mine today too! Great minds think alike and I get bored easily too! Time for me to really focus on some things and complete tasks…always great to get continued inspiration.


  2. bornstoryteller
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 23:37:29

    Thank you Michelle. And..thanks for starting this challenge. It’s been very enlightening for me.


  3. Krissy Brady, Writer
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 01:54:40

    I get bored easily too, lol! I think it’s one of the joys of being a creative person. I completely agree with the quote you have mentioned, and am working hard on a daily basis to create the meaning for my life that matters most to me (and hopefully, others too).


  4. bornstoryteller
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 02:07:07 it the curse of the creative? I’m ok with being so makes me seek out new things.


  5. Yogasavy
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 03:59:53

    Lucky for me I do not get bored easily. However I love creating and my work allows me to do just that. The quote is just beautiful and would love to swipe it from you…


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