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  1. Linda Rogers
    May 13, 2012 @ 09:32:02

    Election finance reform is the key issue in restoring trust in US politics I believe. Currently it takes so much money to run in the US that only very rich people or people that owe a lot of favours to very rich people and corporations are viable as candidates. It’s a very important but unsexy political issue that does not get talked about enough. In other parts of the world it IS still possible for an ordinary person to run a successful political campaign with contributions only from regular folks in their jurisdiction who back what they believe in.

    I support funding for the Arts but I wouldn’t dissuade any artist from making a contribution to a political party or candidate. Afterall, it is the political world that decides on public funding for the arts directly and indirectly, as well as the tone of the society that the arts functions within. I remember many years ago when I was recruited to work on my first campaign that my answer was, “oh politics are so negative and dirty, I don’t think I want to get involved. It is just not my thing.” The woman candidate asking for my help said, “Linda, if everyone like you keeps thinking that and never gets involved, how is it ever going to change for the better?” (We won that campaign and I served as her community organizer for 5 years.)


  2. zencherry
    May 17, 2012 @ 15:45:30

    Things on my dream list: Lobbyists out of politics for good and their loopholes cemented shut, electoral college finally closed for business, AND rich boy mentality of only ‘we’, (the very rich), can run this country right getting bickybucked out the door idea-wise. Give me a hard-workin’ middle-income person that’s been making ends meet for twenty years no matter their employment status and I’ll vote for them diggetydarnquick.

    Great post as always.


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