Tale Spinning

I hit the night dirt running, Baby, and I’m out for blood and raw meat. The acacia tree branches twined around in a killer way, letting us rest. The sun set, the heat rising off the savannah slowly fading away, and my pads nestle deep into the tall, cool grass. It hides us as it hides our meal…but I can smell it. Them. Things for me to bring down. Yum.

My mate, She, growl s with a hunger that I can match, if not out consume. She catches up to me at a pace I admire, her flanks muscled and powered for action. She’s hot as the sun, golden in her fire, and her panting breath next to mine only goads me on.  She may not be in heat right now, but that won’t matter. Later, for now it’s about  the kill, the warm sticky fluid filling our mouths and…

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