Q&A On Creativity: Nick Daws (The Creativity Series)

It has been a pleasure being a Writer Warrior on Triberr. I’ve connected with a number of really wonderful people. Many in the group responded to my call for articles or interviews about Creativity.

Here, In this Q & A, British freelance writer and editor Nick Daws reveals why creativity is important to him both personally and professionally…

The Creativity Series: Nick Daws on Creativity


Q. What do you do that is creative?

A. As I am a full-time freelance writer and editor, some would say that everything I do is creative. Personally, however, I feel that some of my work is more creative than others.

Sometimes I’m hired for my creativity – this applies especially with copywriting work. At other times, such as when I’m editing a book, the scope for creativity is less.

Even so, there are often many possible ways to edit a text, and creativity still plays an important role in achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Q. How do you use your creativity?

A. I use my creativity in my work, as mentioned above, and also for coming up with ideas for new projects of my own. Although I write for clients to pay the bills, I enjoy fiction writing when the time permits, and always have a few short stories and other projects on the go.

Another area where I have to be creative is in marketing myself and seeking out new outlets and opportunities. Being a freelance writer is a tough gig at times. You have to be creative in how you present and market yourself. And sometimes you may have to reinvent yourself entirely!

Q. Why is creativity important to you?

A. Creativity is essential to me partly because, as I said above, it’s one aspect of what my clients pay me for (and sometimes the main thing).

Beyond that, though, creativity is what keeps me excited and motivated by my work, and always trying to do better. I’d hate to have a job that offered no scope for creativity. I’d soon go mad from boredom!

Q. Who or what has been a creative influence on you?

A. There are numerous brilliant creative writers whose example has inspired me – just a few examples would include the British poet and novelist Laurie Lee, science-fiction author Roger Zelazny, thriller writers Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and fantasy author Robin Hobb.

There are also some brilliant bloggers whose creativity (and productivity) never cease to amaze me: Darren Rowse of Problogger, for example, and Joanna Penn, of The Creative Penn.

More generally, the Internet itself has been a huge creative influence on me. It’s an endless source of creative ideas and inspiration.

Q. What do you feel your creativity does for others?

A. For my clients, I hope my creativity helps them to produce the very best work they can – be it a book, a website, a blog, an advertisement, or whatever. And I hope that, through my work, my creativity inspires readers to try new challenges, to take on projects they might not otherwise have considered, and to find new sources of fulfillment and creative satisfaction.


Byline: Nick Daws is a professional freelance writer and editor, living in the English county of Staffordshire. He has a blog at www.mywritingblog.com and a homepage at www.nickdaws.co.uk. His publications for writers include the CD-based Write Any Book in Under 28 Days and Kindle Kash, a downloadable guide for writers who want to publish their work for profit on the Amazon Kindle platform.


Why Creativity?

Nothing encourages creativity like the chance to fall flat on one’s face. ~James D. Finley

Creativity takes courage. ~Henri Matisse

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! ~Dr. Seuss

I live a creative life. I don’t think – no, I know – I would not be happy living any other way. I do not think in a linear way and I am not the most pragmatic of people. I have my anal/stubborn periods that keep me fixed and inflexible. I do try to work on that. It is not an easy lifestyle due to the fact that there is not always a lot of money in it. That makes it hard especially for people who are very concerned with security and providing for their families. Still, it is my feeling, and my opinion, that living a creative life is a great way to live.

Not everyone embraces this way of thinking. Many have trouble wrapping their heads around the concept of living a creative existence. That’s all fine and good, but why do they have to put judgment blocks and hamper the creative process? Albert Einstein, one of my favorite people to quote as you well know, said “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds.”

A number of corporations and businesses get locked down into the numbers game. Schools,  supposedly a hotbed for critical and creative thinking, or often anything but that. Too many school systems are playing the numbers game as well, although this has nothing to do with income but staying the course and remaining open. It has little to do, and very little regard, in what students are actually learning.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be having some guest posts from people with various areas of education and business. They will be discussing what creativity is for them, and why creativity is important. To be fair, I would also like to find people with the opposing view. I really want to see both sides of the picture. What works for me does not always work for another. I understand that. What I’d like to try to do is put myself into other persons shoes.

I just hope that they would like to try my shoes on.

Photo by Ian Crowfeather

Have you tried to look through someone else’s POV?

Interview with the Writer: Faith Mortimer (#REN3)

One of the published writers who donated a book to the Rules of Three Blogfest is Faith Mortimer. What’s been wonderful about the blogfest already is being turned onto writers I have not had the privilege to experience before.

For Faith’s Bio, Click Here.

Faith Mortimer’s Website

Damyanti, Lisa, JC and I thought we’d thank the wonderful writers who offered their work as prizes by spreading the love in our various blogs via email interviews. To see all of our featured authors, CLICK HERE

Here is Faith’s answers:

1.            Tell us about the book you are donating.
Echoes of Life and Love; is a collection of six short stories. The topics cover romance, paranormal, mystery and murder
2.            Why are you donating a book to this blog fest?
I thought it was a nice thing to do. The organizer (ed: Lisa Vooght)  was polite to ask me and I thought it a good cause.
3.            Can you think of a genre, which is currently out of your comfort zone, but intrigues you enough to take up the challenge of writing in it?
I normally write either mystery and murder novels or action and adventure. As my previous novels all contain a certain amount of romance I have decided to now write a mystery romance. I’m well into it and hope to finish it this year for publication.
4.            Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m English and left-handed. I came to writing quite late in life (ahem) although I have always dabbled. I love good food, fine wines, diving, running and exploring. And of course reading and writing. I spend my time between England and Cyprus where we live most of the time. It’s quite a multi-cultural existence, and I love it.
5.            What are your views on Self-publishing Vs  Traditional publishing?
I remember reading about self-publishing and E Books about 3 years ago when all the ‘big’ names in publishing were saying e Books would not last. Oh Yeah? It’s exciting, I can control my own life and I’m answerable to no one.
I’m very excited about all the changes in publishing these days, because it means authors have direct access to their readers. It’s a fantastic time to be a writer.
Interview with Talli Roland
Thank you Faith. I hope you all hop over to read all the entries for The Rule of Three BlogFest.  The link below will open up a list of all the writers participating (btw…we have 69 writers, not 59…don’t know how to fix it).