Fly Like A (Creative) Eagle: Creativity Series (Guest Blog)

When I put out the call for guest blogs about creativity, I knew I did not want to just have one type. Over the next month or two I do have creative people, educators, business people, and students who be entering the adult world of un-creativity soon enough.
Golden Eagle is a young woman whose blog The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective is intelligently written, varied in scope, and she has a huge following. She remains anonymous due to the vagaries and dangers that lurk on the Internet. Don’t let that dissuade you from becoming a fan of her page.
The Creativity Series Guest Blogs
I can’t help but wonder where we’d be without creativity: Golden Eagle
It may not always follow the rules, it can put up obstacles for seemingly simple problems, and it isn’t often a straight line from A to B—sometimes it takes a looping, vermiculated path from A to J to M and then to B—but the trip through the land of creativity is important.
The initiator of the journey can be anything; it’s up to the circumstances and, often, a simple idea from the person doing the creating. Once an idea begins to realize, that’s where the adventures begin.
The experience of using energy in a productive way can often be enjoyable, and, indeed, meaningful. Thinking outside of the box is necessary for new ideas and is one of the reasons creativity is so significant, for different and unique ways of doing things have driven society in many directions. The world would be a different place if everything people did was for getting things done and nothing else.
In many cases, of course, there is a call for maximum efficiency and function over form, or just getting a job done, and then creativity is understandably of less regard—you wouldn’t want a crucial bit of machinery to be put together with artistic flair, for example, or a serious matter dealt with in a way that has too many risks.
Creativity is integral when it comes to individual expression and finding ways to differentiate from the masses, in any medium. In the end, it’s a way of coming up with something unique and distinct, and at the same time, often shows a passion and an energy that might not have otherwise been there.
Do you see creativity as important?
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The Golden Eagle is the pseudonym of a Chinese-American girl who loves to write, read, blog, and learn; her favorite genre, and the one she most often writes in, is Science Fiction.