Tale Spinning

Dog and Elephant, with long country nights,
Counted the stars as they wandered away
Into the meadows, into the fields,
Searching for the stardust that comets yield.

“Oh, my friend,”said Dog, “look to the sky,
Another wonderful comet is passing us by;
It’s tail all a glitter, the rays it does glow,
Let’s follow it together, where ever it goes.”

Elephant counted up to eleven
Speeding comets diving through the heavens
She wondered at their leavings
Thinking “Did any have misgivings?”

One came around it’s speeding course
And in a fit of complete remorse
Dog turned to Elephant, and did disclaim
“When comets go, nothing is the same.”

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Li @ FlashFiction
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 05:10:35

    Sweet children’s story 🙂 I like it!


  2. Richard Wiseman
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 07:41:53

    Sweet and quirky! Charming too.


    • Stuart Nager
      Oct 07, 2012 @ 09:50:26

      Thank Richard. I just loved this picture: what a combination of characters.


      • Richard Wiseman
        Oct 07, 2012 @ 09:59:28

        Kids love this stuff as it’s extraordinary, in the proper sense of the word. Adults like it because it rekindles in them that excited mental tickle they half recall from when they were little.

  3. zencherry
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 15:52:20

    Wonderful! 😀


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